Following is a final list of candidates who have filed for office in the non-partisan judicial general election and the March 3, 2020 political party primaries for state and federal legislative races. The names are listed as they appeared on a list compiled by the Jefferson County Election Commission from information from the Arkansas Secretary of State where the candidates filed for office.

Non-partisan Judicial General Election

Arkansas Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 4

* Barbara Womak Webb

* Judge Morgan “Chip” Welch

District 11-West, Division 2, Subdistrict 11.2

* Circuit Judge Robert H. Wyatt Jr.

District 11-West, Division 3, Subdistrict 11.2

* Mac Norton

* Tom Owens

* Therese Free

District 11-West, Division 5, Subdistrict 11.2

* Judge Jodi Dennis

District 11-West, Division 6, Subdistrict 11.2

* Circuit Judge Earnest E. Brown Jr.

State District Court Judge

District 29, Division 1

* Judge Kim Bridgforth

District 29, Division 2

* Kandace Bell

* Judge John Kearney

* Efrem Neely

U.S. Congress District 4

* Republican Bruce Westerman, Republican

* William H. Hanson, Democrat

Arkansas Senate, District 25

* Efrem Elliott, Democrat

* Senator Stephanie Flowers, Democrat

Arkansas Senate, District 27

* Senator Trent Garner, Republican

* Keidra Burrell, Democrat

* Garry L. Smith, Democrat

Arkansas House of Representatives

District 10

* Representative Mike Holcomb, Republican

District 14

* Representative Roger Dale Lynch, Republican

District 15

* Ken Bragg, Republican

District 16

* Representative Ken Ferguson, Democrat

District 17

* Representative Vivian Flowers, Democrat