Headline: Police arrest suspect in reported theft

Byline: By Ray King of The Commercial Staff

A police investigation that began with a report that a wallet and credit cards were missing after the owner of the wallet went shopping resulted in the arrest of a Pine Bluff woman who denied any involvement.

Altrice Stone, 46, then asked for an attorney and questioning was halted.

According to a probable cause affidavit from Detective Ryan Moheb, the owner of the wallet said she had been at the Willow Thrift Store at 2901 S. Willow St., on Nov. 13 and said she sat down to try on a pair of boots and put her wallet beside her. She said when she went to leave, the wallet was missing and she could not locate it.

The victim said she contacted the company that issued her WalMart Visa debit card and was told that the card had been used twice for transactions of $100 each that were both declined. Those transactions were at Relyance Bank on Hazel Street and the victim said she went to the bank where she spoke with a representative who told her the person who attempted to make the transactions was a female driving a black BMW.

Moheb reported that the victim said the wallet contained three debit cards, cash, her driver’s license, social security card and Medicare card, and said she had not given anyone permission to use her debit cards.

Security video from the bank was used to confirm the license plate number of the BMW the suspect was driving and a license plate check showed that the vehicle was registered to Altrice Brasfield-Stone and Moheb said he compared Stone’s driver’s license picture with the security video and they appeared to be the same woman.

Pine Bluff District Judge John Kearney set a $2,500 bond for Stone after ruling prosecutors have probable cause to charge her with theft of property. Stone said she would hire her own attorney.