Jury selection began Monday in the trial of a man accused of killing another man in 2018.

Antonio Bailey, 24, is charged with capital murder in the April 26 death of Patrick McKenzie, 29, whose body was found on the south bank of Lake Saracen and was pronounced dead at the scene. He has pleaded innocent.

A witness who was at the scene told police he was with McKenzie and Bailey as they walked in the area near the lake and said Bailey asked them to help him look for his money he said he lost near the bank of the lake. The witness said an altercation broke out between Bailey and McKenzie which led Bailey to shoot at McKenzie, who was hit twice in the right shoulder as he attempted to flee.

Police said the witness reported that Bailey and McKenzie started fighting in the water and Bailey held McKenzie’s head under water until McKenzie became unconscious. Bailey then ran to 707 Pullen Street and went in the back door of the business. He was taken into custody from inside the back residential area of the business wearing only his underwear.

When Bailey was questioned, he denied being with McKenzie and said he had been involved in a fight but said it was with another individual he did not want to name. Later, he said he had not been with anyone.

First Division Circuit Judge Alex Guynn is presiding over the trial which is expected to continue through Tuesday.