A White Hall woman was arrested Tuesday after she filed a report saying that her car had been stolen when in fact her boyfriend had been driving the car.

Cardine Chambers, 45, initially told police she had been warming up her car, a Dodge Challenger when someone jumped in it and drove away. She later admitted that he boyfriend had called her to tell her where the vehicle was.

Vice and Narcotics Detective Richard McCorvy reported that Detectives were conducting surveillance at Day’s Inn and received information that the suspect was driving either a white Dodge Charger or a black Dodge Challenger. They saw a black Dodge Challenger backed into a parking space at the motel and saw a man who was the target of the surveillance get into the vehicle and drive off.

McCorvy reported he followed the car to 6th Avenue and Blake Street and when the driver made an improper turn, he attempted a traffic stop. The driver continued driving at slow speed before turning into a muddy, hilly driveway at 11th Avenue and Plum Street and jumped out. While police were searching for the driver, Chambers showed up and told police her car had been stolen.

After Chambers signed a formal stolen car report, she was placed under arrest for filing a false police report after McCorvy told her that officers had been watching the car the whole time. She later said her boyfriend, who was the suspect that police were conducting the surveillance on, had called her.

On Thursday, Pine Bluff District Judge John Kearney set a $5,000 bond for Chambers who said she would hire her own attorney.