The Jefferson County Board of Election Commissioners will hold a regular meeting at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at the Election Center, 123 S. Main St.

Tentative agenda items are:

Approve Dec. 16 meeting minutes.

Open Items Not Previously Resolved:

1. Pine Bluff School District Admin Building polling site ADA compliance and sufficient voter parking.

2. Jefferson Water Company polling site relocation.

Public comments on New Business agenda items (2 minutes per speaker)

New Business:

1. Approve White Hall School District special election logic & accuracy testing.

2. Adjust election official pay based on minimum wage increase.

3. Request a March primary elections reimbursement advance from the State Board of Election Commissioners.

4. Review approved 2020 budget and request changes as needed.

Any other new business added to the agenda.