A Pine Bluff man accused of three counts of capital murder made his first court appearance Monday in Jefferson County District Court.

Alan Michael Moore, 19, is accused of the Dec. 31 stabbing death of Sidney Hayes Jr., 33, who was found outside Ocean’s Restaurant at 2213 E. Harding Ave., and taken to Jefferson Regional where he was pronounced dead by a doctor in the Emergency Room.

He is also accused of causing the deaths of his mother, Lisa Ann Moore, 53, and an unidentified male whose bodies were found inside a house at 805 1/2 W. 25th Ave. on Friday.

Regarding the death of Hayes, Detective Tamina Smith reported that when she arrived at the scene, she saw a male later identified as Hayes lying on the ground with about a one-inch stab wound to his upper chest.

Video footage from the restaurant showed Hayes getting out of a car with another male who appeared to be assisting him. The other male then got back into the vehicle and left the scene.

A witness came forward to report that he saw two males, one of them Hayes in the back of a car and they appeared to be tugging and pulling on each other. The witness said he also heard screaming coming from the vehicle. The witness identified Hayes as one of the two people in the car and said he knew only the first name of the second man. Smith said in the probable cause affidavit she was able to obtain the last name of the other man and put that male’s picture in a photo lineup.

The witness identified that person, later determined to be Moore, as the person the witness saw with Hayes and the person that was struggling with Hayes in the back seat.

Another witness reported that he had picked up Moore on West 25th Avenue, then got a call from Hayes and picked Hayes up on Alabama Street. The witness said Moore got into the front passenger seat and Hayes sat behind the driver in the back seat. The witness said he got out of the car to urinate and when he got back in, he saw Moore had turned to the back and was on top of Hayes with a four-way knife in his hand. The witness went on to say he got on top of Moore to try and get him off Hayes and said he heard Hayes say ‘he’s sticking me.”

The witness said eventually he and Moore fell out of the vehicle and said he was able to get back inside and close the door. He said Moore hit the window with the knife inside his hand and he was able to drive off. He said he then went to pick up a cousin from 6th Avenue and Barrow Street. HE said he then drove to Ocean’s and when he arrived, he helped Hayes out of the vehicle and onto the sidewalk, then called 911 and left the scene because he did not want to be involved in the incident.

The witness said he tried to clean the blood out of his vehicle but was not able to clean it all up. He said he later found out Hayes had died and he put his clothes that he had had on in a bag so he could turn it in to evidence. The vehicle was found and towed to the police evidence garage for processing.

When Moore was questioned on Friday, he said he was at an abandoned house on New Year’s Eve. He said he left and went to another one and vandalized it. He said he did not know Hayes or the witness, and later said “the witness stabbed Sidney.”

Regarding the other two deaths, Detective Chris Wieland reported that police were sent to the house on West 25th in reference to a possible homicide. A witness told police he was walking by the house toward his residence and could smell a very foul odor coming from the house. The witness said when he walked inside the residence, he found the first victim, later identified by police as Lisa Moore and noticed a piece of a knife sticking out form Moore’s chest. The witness said he began looking around the residence and found victim 2, a male who has not yet been identified, wrapped in a blanket.

In his affidavit, Wieland said when he walked into the south bedroom of the residence, he found Lisa Moore dead with a metal object sticking out of her body. He said the body was covered with clothing. The body of the second individual was also located and Wieland reported seeing an axe with what appeared to be blood on it next to the body. When the coroner arrived, Wieland said they began to unwrap the tarp or blanket off the body and found that it was wrapped in black plastic bags.

On Jan. 3, another witness told police that Lisa Moore had asked the witness to take her to the bank but did not because Lisa Moore had no identification. The witness also said they heard someone screaming several times as if they were in pain.

When Wieland questioned Moore, Moore said “there was nothing much he could tell me about what happened at 805 1/2 W. 25th Ave.”

“Moore stated his personalities switched on him,” Wieland said in the affidavit. “Moore stated there was a possibility he could have hurt someone out there.”

Wieland went on to say “Moore stated his mother was dead and he did not know what happened to her.”

On Monday, District judge Kim Bridgforth ruled prosecutor’s have probable cause to charge Moore with three counts of capital murder and one count of abuse of a corpse. He will be held without bond.

Editor’s Note: As The Pine Bluff Commercial was preparing for press, the Arkansas State Crime Lab has confirmed the identity of the male victim of Friday’s double homicide as 18 year old Jomarius Haltiwanger. Haltiwanger’s cause and manner of death are still pending autopsy, according to the police.