The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Arkansas Community Correction Special Response Team, JCSO K-9 Soder, and Tri-County Drug Task Force have found and detained Kemonta Bishop, who escaped deputy custody on Saturday, Jan. 4.

Bishop was located at 24th Avenue and Ash Street in Pine Bluff at 2 p.m. He attempted to flee and was subsequently apprehended by JCSO K-9 Soder.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Alicia Dorn said after Bishop was released from the hospital and the way back to jail, Bishop started complaining that he was having breathing problems so the deputy cracked the back window so that Bishop could get some air.

Unbeknownst to the deputy, Bishop had been able to remove his restraints, roll the window the rest of the way down, and reach the outside door handle. He was able to open the door and flee on foot.

Dorn said Bishop was being held on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and theft by receiving. Also, a petition has been filed to revoke his probation.

This is an ongoing investigation, a press release said.