Pine Bluff Police Lt. David DeFoor, who recently completed an advanced course in police administration was recognized for his academic performance Tuesday.

During Coffee with the Chiefs, sponsored by Interested Citizens for Voter Registration and held at Good Faith Carr United Methodist Church, Police Chief Kelvin Sergeant read a letter from the University of Louisville naming DeFoor a “Dean’s Scholar” during the 142nd Administrative Officers Course at the school.

According to the letter, Dean’s Scholars are those individuals who receive a grade of A in every course.

“This is not like those courses where the instructor might tap on the podium and say “you need to remember this,’” Sergeant said. “This is a college masters level course.”

Sergeant said one of the goals of the department is to try and educate officers and lieutenants and others are often selected for advance courses. Previously, Deputy Chief Kelvin Hadley and Capt. Denise Richardson both graduated from the Administrative Officers course at the school.

DeFoor is currently assigned as the Training Lt., and is a department Public Information Officer. He is also a certified instructor and one of the courses he teaches to officers and to the public is an active shooter course, which he said is a 16-hour course reduced to two hours and in the case of the Coffee with the Chiefs program, a 20-minute overview.

To begin with, he said the class includes not just guns but any violent criminal activity.

DeFoor said in his research, the youngest active shooter he found was eight years old, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and the oldest was 93 in New Jersey.

He said active shooters are male and female, young and old, from every race and every educational background.

“They look like everyone else,” DeFoor said.

He also discussed what to do if you are placed in a situation with an active shooter, and how to act when police arrive on the scene.

In addition to the active shooter classes, Sergeant said officers can make assessments of businesses, churches, schools and the like and point out weak points and ways to improve security.

“We won’t do the work for you but we will show you problem areas,” Sergeant said.

DeFoor has taught the class at a number of locations, including SEARK and at various churches and businesses and anyone interested should contact him.