United States Senator candidate Ricky Harrington issued the following statement, which appears in the Thursday, Feb. 13 edition of the Pine Bluff Commercial:
"The Constitution is the supreme law by which we have formed these United States. Our country is vastly different from the days of the framers, for we continue to manifest the principles of equality. We believe the government derives its ability to govern from the consent of the governed.
"Every law, policy, and new endeavor we pursue should be filtered through the lens of Liberty and the scope of our Constitution. The purpose is to ensure that we stay free and our government does not usurp the authority of the People. The two parties dominate our political system and engage in endless skirmishes with one another.
"The average American is an ideological casualty, left with a choice between the “lesser of two evils” every election cycle. Our Constitutional Democratic Republic has been reduced to a four-word phrase that in essence expresses a sense of helplessness for the average American patriot. It seems the choice is already made for them by the power of political parties, instead of a candidate connecting with the people he or she will represent.
"The people need their voice heard, and remember that compromise is NOT a bad word. The issues I hope to change as your senator will reflect the will of the people. Issues like criminal justice reform, healthcare reform, stoping endless war, removing obstacles for small businesses, and making sure the government is accountable in its spending. Though our opinions on issues differ, we should continue to work together and build a better union."