Now, on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into sexual harassment allegations, Michael Nellums confidently speaks out about his accusers and his innocence.

Now, on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into sexual harassment allegations, Michael Nellums confidently speaks out about his accusers and his innocence.
“Last year in January of 2019, I reported Lakecha Bradley for changing her daughter’s grades in the Arkansas Public School Computer Network (APSCN) system,” he said in an email to The Commercial. “It was investigated and she was terminated from her job with the Pine Bluff School District. Mrs. Bradley then sued me. Not before, but only after I reported her.”
On Jan. 20, court records show that former Pine Bluff High School employee, Lakecha Bradley filed a lawsuit claiming damages as a result of being fired from her job. The lawsuit names Nellums, superintendent Jeremy Owoh and the district. According to court documents, as an employee in the central office, Bradley claimed to be a victim of sexual harassment and that Nellums began harassing her during the 2015-2016 school year.
“He would come into her office and make comments about her body parts and claiming that she was looking at him in a sexual way,” the lawsuit alleges. “When she went to her children’s games at schools… he would try to hold her hand and touch her. He would come in her office and touch her hair and talk about it.”
Bradley, an APSCN coordinator, had access to enter data such as grades into the school’s system. Her daughter, a student at the high school, allegedly received a “N/C” (no credit) for her physical education course due to excessive absences. Upon learning her daughter’s grade, Bradley changed her daughter’s grade back to its original score of 86 prior to the “N/C.
“Plaintiff told [Eric] Mayfield that she was replacing the “I” with the original 86 and to have Nellums call her, because she was going to Dr. Owoh and Ms. Hadley,” the lawsuit alleges.
In his email to The Commercial, Nellums said Bradley changed multiple grades of other students during her stint as an employee in the Pine Bluff School District.
“Additional investigations revealed that Mrs. Bradley not only changed the grade of one daughter, but another daughter and possibly several other students allowing at least one to become an honor graduate at Pine Bluff High School,” he wrote. “Additionally it was discovered that she gave APSCN passwords that allowed others to change grades as well--- perhaps hundreds of grades over a period of several years.”
Nellums further admitted that due to her alleged illegal grade changing, he alerted officials about her misconduct.
“I have reported this to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and sued Mrs. Bradley for slander and defamation,” he said.
Nellums filed a countersuit on Jan. 21 disputing Bradley’s claims of sexual harassment insisting she sexually harassed him.
“In the instant case, Bradley told multiple people that Nellums sexually harassed her,” the lawsuit alleges. “When in fact, she was sexually aggressive towards him and would call in the morning to inquire about his daily plans.”
A little over a week after Bradley filed her lawsuit against Nellums, Alquantavious Stokes, a former PBHS student filed a class action complaint against him on Jan. 29.
“Plaintiff participated in sports,” the lawsuit alleges. “Plaintiff got into a fight. Plaintiff was brought into Nellums’ office and threatened [him] with expulsion. Nellums then came behind plaintiff and started rubbing plaintiff’s back while at the same time Nellums held his own genitals.”
Court records obtained by The Commercial show that during the incident Nellums told Stokes he didn’t have to get expelled in exchange for doing something for him. But, Stokes didn’t submit to his request and more sexual advances persisted.
“A civil lawsuit was recently filed against me by Mrs. Bradley nephew, Al Stokes,” Nellums wrote. “Both Stokes and his aunt, Lakecha Bradley, have numerous run-ins with law enforcement. Stokes was shot last year in a dispute at KIBB’s Barbeque in Pine Bluff and possibly benefitted from his aunt’s work with the computer network, which reports attendance and grades and discipline...”
On Feb. 13, Nellums amended his defamation suit against Bradley to include Stokes.
“These two (relatives) meritless lawsuits are obviously a combined attack on me and a smokescreen for reporting the academic and possible wire fraud Mrs. Bradley has engaged in,” he wrote. “I look forward to complete vindication, returning to work soon, and [I] am seeking damages. In this instance, Bradley is no different than Felicity Huffman. She is just African-American and black folks should not and cannot allow cheating to occur in public schools or colleges anywhere. We must earn our own.”