Formal charges have been filed against a Pine Bluff man accused of killing three people including his mother between Dec. 31 and Jan. 3,

Prosecuting Attorney S. Kyle Hunter charged Alan Michael Moore, 19, with three counts of capital murder in the Dec. 31 stabbing death of Sidney Hayes and the Jan. 3 deaths of Moore’s mother, Lisa Moore and Jamarius Haltiwanger.

Moore was also charged with abuse of a corpse in connection with the deaths and with second-degree battery stemming from a separate incident that occurred at about the same time that Haltiwanger was killed.

Regarding the death of Hayes, police were sent to Ocean’s Restaurant at 2213 E. Harding where Hayes was found outside the building with a stab wound to his upper chest. He was taken to Jefferson Regional where he was pronounced dead. Security video from outside the restaurant showed Hayes getting out of a car with another male who appeared to be assisting him.

Witnesses told police they saw Hayes and a man later identified as Moore struggling inside a car and that Moore was on top of Hayes with a knife in his hand. The same witness said Moore fell out of the vehicle and he was able to drive away and said he tried to clean blood out of his car but was not able to. Police located the car and it was towed to the evidence garage for processing.

The bodies of Lisa Moore and Haltiwanger were found inside a house at 805 1/2/ West 25th Ave., after police received a call about a possible homicide. A witness told police they were walking by the house when they smelled a very foul odor and when he walked in, he saw the body of Lisa Moore and noticed a part of a knife sticking out of her chest. The witness said he looked around the house and found the body of a male who was later identified as Haltiwanger by the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory.

When Moore was questioned by police regarding the death of Hayes, he said he was at an abandoned house on Dec. 31 and said he left and went to another house which he vandalized. He said he did not know Hayes or the witness and later said the witness stabbed “Sidney.”

When questioned by Detective Chris Wieland about the deaths of his mother and Haltiwanger, Moore said “there was nothing much he could tell me about what happened at 805 1/2 w. 25th Ave.”

“Moore stated his personalities switched on him,” Wieland said in a probable cause affidavit. “Moore stated there was a possibility he could have hurt someone out there.”

Wieland went on to report that “Moore stated his mother was dead and he did not know what happened to her.”

During the course of the investigations, police received a call about a reported armed disturbance near the Arbor Apartments on Fir Street involving a victim who said his name was Xavier Johnson. He told police he had been attacked by two men who jumped out of a car.

Police later learned that Johnson, whose real name was Daylen Benjamin, was at Moore’s house and said he, Moore, and a person he called “Jo Jo” were at Moore’s house smoking K-2 when “Jo Jo” passed out. Benjamin said Moore left the room and came back with an axe and a box cutter and said Moore attacked him with the box cutter, cutting him several times.

Benjamin said he left the house and didn’t realize he was cut until he felt blood running down his body.

Moore is being held without bond at the adult detention center. If convicted of capital murder, Moore would be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole or death by lethal injection.