New Horizon’s Extension Homemakers Club met Feb. 10. The meeting was brought to order by President Dot Hart, according to a news release.

The thought for the day was read by Gail Safford. The Homemakers Creed was read by Diana Maxwell and group. Handy Hint read by Sharon Johnson and the Inspiration read by Marion Shorey.

Roll was asked by Debbie Station with the question “What makes you happy?”

MaryNell Cardin was voted on for vice president and accepted.

Debbie Station presented the program on Mental Health.

Ten tips to improve your mental health are:

1) Socialize; 2) Mindful/Meditation; 3) Exercise; 4) A Healthy Diet; 5) Practice Gratitude; 6) Laugh; 7) Enjoy Music; 8) Set boundaries; 9) Engage in Positive Self-talk; and 10) Don’t hesitate to seek help.

“It was a great program with lots of information,” a spokeswoman said.

New Horizons planned to take an outing on Feb. 29 to Hot Springs to the Mosiac Madness and out to lunch. There are more outings being planned.

“Come join us and participate in doing what we can for our community, and to try to a difference in someone’s life,” a spokeswoman said. “There are many things that that we volunteer to do to be a help. It’s a great blessing, not only to the ones we help, but for ourselves as well.”

After the meeting, everyone made Valentine Boxes to fill with candy.

Anyone is welcome to attend and join the club meeting at St. Andrew Missionary Baptist church, at 5810 W. Malcomb St., on the second Monday of each month. The next meeting will be March 9, at 5:30 p.m. The reporter for the meeting was Diana Maxwell.

For additional information about Extension Homemaker Clubs, contact the Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service Office at 870-534-1033.