Two teenagers, one of them a juvenile were arrested by Redfield Police and accused of robbing an individual at the end of February.

John McCool, 19, of Sheridan and Ethan Murray, 17, were taken into custody following an investigation that began Feb. 29.

Detective Teri Patterson reported that the male victim, who lives in Sheridan, said he was contacted by McCool, a former classmate to come to Redfield and meet McCool’s friend Murray. He said the three of them rode around for a while before pulling over and Murray stuck a gun in the victim’s back and told him he was being robbed. The victim said Murray took cash before running into the woods.

When the victim was interviewed, he said McCool was sitting in the front seat of the vehicle during the robbery and said at no time did Murray speak to him, point a gun at him or attempt to rob him. The victim said he went back to Sheridan and called police.

Later when he was interviewed by Redfield officers, he said he had no doubt that McCool had set him up.

When McCool was questioned, he said Murray had talked about a previous robbery while he and the victim were with Murray and said Murray did not try to rob him because “everybody knows I’m broke.” He initially denied being involved in the robbery but when Redfield Police Chief Steve McFatridge told him that police were going to get a search warrant for his phone, McCool said “that was not good because everything is on the phone.”

McFatridge asked if McCool was referring to the robbery and McCool said yes.

Murray was not questioned after his parents asked for an attorney.

Patterson also reported in the affidavit that Murray has a previous weapons charge as a result of carrying a handgun to school.

On Friday, Jefferson County District Judge Kim Bridgforth set a bond of $50,000 for McCool and for Murray, who is being charged as an adult, after ruling prosecutors have probable cause to charge them with aggravated robbery.