Headline: cash only bond set in criminal mischief incident

Byline: By Ray King of The Commercial Staff

A $2,500 cash only bond was set Monday for a Redfield man accused of damaging breaker boxes at Tar Camp Park.

Pine Bluff District Judge John Kearney set the bond after ruling prosecutors have probable cause to charge Brandon Dean Hunter, 34, with criminal mischief, criminal trespass and theft of property.

Redfield Police K-9 Sgt. Troy DeBill reported that he was sent to Tar Camp Park at 4600 River Road on Feb. 19 where he met with a park ranger and an employee of the Corps of Engineers. The area of the park where the damage occurred was closed but the officials found camping gear in it and a breaker box near the camp site tampered with. A search of the camping gear resulted in Redfield Police finding a pill bottle with Hunter’s name on it and officers went to his last known address.

DeBill reported that Hunter was not a the residence at that time but his girlfriend said she had been with him at the campsite and saw him go to the breaker box, return with copper wire, and then burn it. A second person said Hunter was taking copper wire to sell to pay his rent.

When Hunter was questioned, he admitted having been at Tar Camp Park and said he had planned to take copper wire but said he did not do it.

Records at the prosecutor’s office showed that Hunter is currently on probation on drug related charges.