While the Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service office is closed to the public, agents continue to serve Arkansans during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a news release.

The agency has made many options available to help the public.

“Our agents are as available and ready to work as they’ve always been,” said Pia Woods, staff chair at the Jefferson County office. “While public health recommendations may limit in-person contact, we are increasingly available through online venues, including webinars and internet-based teleconferencing. And of course, we’re still ready to answer questions and make recommendations by phone.”

Residents may also continue to drop off soil samples to the facility by using the drop box on the front porch. It includes soil sample boxes and instructions.

Also, the agriculture agent is still making farm visits and setting up demonstration plots - adhering to social distancing guidelines. They are also providing other educational programming via social media, conference calls, webinars and Zoom.

“The Cooperative Extension Service has been serving the people of Arkansas, from agricultural communities in rural areas to school children in the cities, for more than 100 years, through good times and bad. Our current era, in which we all face serious health risks from the COVID-19 virus, is no different,” Woods said.

“Minimizing the effects of this virus, which is unusually contagious and particularly lethal to members of our community who are elderly or immunosuppressed, depends largely on social distancing and otherwise limiting close contact. But that doesn’t mean we, as cooperative extension agents, aren’t still here to support our communities in all the ways we always have been. Whether your needs are agricultural, financial, dietary or educational, our agents are still here to offer the best in unbiased, research-based knowledge. We are still fundamentally engaged in supporting community and economic development, helping farmers make the best choices for their crops and helping families make the best use of their resources,” Woods said.

To learn about extension programs in Arkansas, contact a local Cooperative Extension Service agent, visit www.uaex.edu or

follow on Twitter at @UAEX_edu. Details: Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service, 870-534-1033.

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture offers all its Extension and Research programs to all eligible persons without discrimination.