Members of the Southeast Arkansas Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby will participate in “Uniting from Home: A virtual CCL event with Katharine Hayhoe” from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 25 on Zoom.

This virtual event will allow attendees to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and take action on climate change, while still respecting public health recommendations for social distancing, according to a news release.

“We had plans for community movie showings about more extreme weather and the problems of flooding, fires, and air pollution,” said Trina Walls, a member of the SE Arkansas chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Walls joined Citizens’ Climate Lobby in 2018 and, along with other local advocates, has been urging Arkansas’ representatives in Congress to support major climate legislation.

“Whether we gather online or in person, Earth Day is a chance for people to learn more about how they affect the planet. After all God has told us to take care of His creation,” Walls said.

The event will feature keynote speaker Katharine Hayhoe, who is a world-renowned climate scientist, an evangelical Christian, and the creator of the educational show “Global Weirding” on PBS.

The event will also include several breakout sessions:

• Climate Advocate Training - People new to climate advocacy can learn how to effectively push the U.S. Congress for climate change legislation;

• Climate Organizing During the Pandemic - People already engaged in climate advocacy can learn to adapt their work for our current circumstances with COVID-19;

• Depolarizing Within - Attendees can practice holding respectful climate conversations with people who don’t share their political beliefs.

During the event, attendees will also be guided through three simple actions they can take to help the climate, right then and there.

“It’s important that we continue to educate our communities about the climate crisis and build political will for major climate legislation,” said Mark Reynolds, CCL Executive Director. “Though right now Congress is focused on the pandemic, they will need to turn their attention back to climate change soon enough. When that happens, our volunteers will be there with clear policy suggestions.”