Census Day was April 1, however that wasn’t the deadline to complete the census. Residents still have time to get counted, according to Mary Liddell, chairwoman of the Pine Bluff Census Complete Count Committee (PBCCC.)

“Six weeks ago the citizens of Pine Bluff started completing the Census,e whether online at 2020census.gov or by phone call 844-330-2020, and by mail,” Liddell said in a news release.

“As of today, 45.2 percent of all households have responded to the Census. This is a great percentage. Our goal for the month of May will be to reach at least half, which is 50% of the households in Pine Bluff. On behalf of the Complete Count Committee, I would like to thank YOU Pine Bluff for all that you have done and will continue to do to move Pine Bluff forward.”

For those who haven’t completed the Census, the Census Bureau is mailing paper forms which should hit mailboxes soon. Here’s why people should fill it out as soon as possible:

“Your education is shaped by the 2020 Census and an accurate count is essential to properly funding health care, education (literacy programs, libraries, after school programs, computers, etc..);, public programs, including food assistance, and support for people out of work in our community. Additionally, an inaccurate census count could cut down the power of your vote and the number of congressional representatives from the state of Arkansas,” she said.

Filling out the census is a key way to be proactive about building and protecting the community in the wake of the coronavirus. Don’t wait to fill out the form — whether it’s by paper form, online, or on the phone — and get counted for the community!

“Have you already filled out the 2020 Census for your household? Make sure you do and then let’s tell #20for2020 to get counted at My2020Census.gov! Once you have responded, please encourage your family, friends and loved ones to complete the census too. (Tell 20 people to complete the Census for 2020),” she said,