The Pine Bluff City Council Meeting will be held at the Convention Center.

A combined total of 14 ordinances and resolutions are on the agenda for Monday, June 15 City Council meeting at 5:30 p.m.

Committee meetings will be held prior to move discuss and move agenda items to full council.

An ordinance to close an undeveloped portions of West 43rd Avenue of Locust Street will be up for the first reading.

If passed, the unimproved portion of West 43rd Avenue lying west of Locust Street that has been dedicated to the public use as a public street, will be closed and will not affect the public interest and welfare.

The City of Pine Bluff, Arkansas will release, vacate and abandon all its right together with the rights of the public generally in and to the portion of the street right-of-way.

Another ordinance up for its first reading will be an ordinance to create a Property Assessed Clean Energy district coextensive with the boundaries of the city of Pine Bluff. PACE is an Act to create jobs, retain wealth and grow the local economy by enabling property assessed clean energy financing.

The Act also authorizes the establishment of energy improvement districts to fund loans for energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy projects and water conservation improvements on residential, commercial, industrial and other real properties at the request of the owner.

According to the ordinance PACE aligns with the Go Forward Pine Bluff plan of creating an incentive package that uses tax exemption, loan packages and discounted rent to attract investors and new resident, boosting new construction and encouraging the purchases and rehabilitations of existing structures.

A board of director will consist of seven members with one member designated by the mayor and the other six nominated by the mayor and confirmed by the city council.

The resolution amending the First Responders Incentive Program Proposal, a resolution implementing a First Responders Homebuyers Incentive Program and a resolution implementing a First Responders Recruitment and Internship Program all return to the agenda as they have been pushed back for further discussion each meeting prior.

In an email from Council Member Win Trafford addressing the amendments to the First Responder Incentive Program Proposal he stated as a sponsor of the original resolution, he would have liked to of been made aware of the changes for discussion.

Three total amendments came from Councilmember Bruce Locket.

“I need clarification this will no longer cause us to spend the money having Community and Economic Development overseeing the program, as those funds would allow our first responders to have additional funds allocated to the program which we are trying so hard to be utilized for its purpose,” said Trafford in the email. “Bottom line, is this has been a completely unnecessary attack against Go Forward, which has caused a terrible delay for our first responders to be able to take advantage of a great new opportunity. We hold our first responders to a high accountability, and this delay from our council to them is very sad.”

A resolution modifying the First Responders Incentive Program Proposal follows the prior resolutions in the agenda.

A resolution that failed the last meeting will be up for another try.

A resolution authorizing an agreement with Pine Bluff Cable TV, INC for relocation of cable wires in relation to the Downtown Streetscape Project and related purpose will be discussed.

The cost of the work is $4,068.15.

Over 30 properties are included in a resolution declaring certain houses, buildings and structures as nuisances and ordering their abatement.

The City Council has determined that the structures located on the property are dilapidated, unsightly, unsafe and detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the public and declared a nuisance.

The resolutions to follow appoint citizens to their respected districts.

This includes Duncan A. Bellingrath to the Board of Directors of the Pine Bluff, Henry Dabner to the Board of Directors of the Pine Bluff Energy Improvement District, Jessica H. Drake to the Board of Directors of the Pine Bluff Energy Improvement District, Donald Hatchett to the Board of Directors of the Pine Bluff Energy Improvement District, Efreem Neely to the Board of Directors of the Pine Bluff Energy Improvement District and Vern Perry to the Board of Directors of the Pine Bluff Energy Improvement District.

Finally on the agenda is a resolution approving the Pine Bluff, Arkansas Transit Department’s Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan and establishing safety performance targets for the Pine Bluff Transit Department.