Glenda Johnson of All Called To Serve Outreach Ministry recently celebrated her graduation along with other graduates in her family.

Johnson is a 2020 graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Master of Science degree in mental health and wellness with an emphasis in family dynamics. She received honors of excellence, according to a news release.

An evangelist, Johnson is a family and child advocate for health, education and community projects.

Others have also completed degrees. Her son, Kevin Johnson Jr., graduated at Southeast Arkansas College at Pine Bluff and her granddaughter, Ayendica Sandeford-Seymore, is graduating from Vallejo High School in California.

They dedicate their degrees to their late patriarchs, fathers and grandfathers, Calvester Stewart, Dock E. Sandeford and Garland H. Brunson, from Pine Bluff.

“Glenda’s plans are to apply her field of studies to her efforts in continuing to share her knowledge within her community, helping to innovate, encourage people by leading them in the direction of building their mind, body and soul hoping to introduce a healthier approach of thinking and living,” according to the release.