The Pine Bluff Fire Department was on site for safety but their services weren't needed as another successful Fireworks Show was recorded for the books.

It was a different kind of Fourth of July this year for many Americans as cities and towns canceled their festivities due to COVID-19. Protesters also refused to celebrate Independence Day across the United States, citing Juneteenth represented true freedom for everyone in America.

Despite the pandemic and in true Pine Bluff fashion, the traditional fireworks show went off without a hitch attracting hundreds to Regions Park for a 20-minute spectacular fireworks show on Saturday, July 4.

All day, families flocked to this holiday hotspot, camping out on the riverfront, enjoying barbeque and rolling down the river in their boats. The easy river access, which provides great scenery, made boating a breeze for all to enjoy.

The large playground at the park accommodated families who steered away from the traditional barbeque and opted for Cici’s Pizza instead. Children played on the playground equipment in anticipation for the firework show to begin.

The parked was lined with a trail of families, filling up each available pavilion. One family enjoyed each other’s company creating their own light show for the younger children to enjoy.

“We are from Pine Bluff and come here every year,” said a spokesperson for the Moore Family. “We have four families here. This is a family tradition that we do every Fourth of July.”

That seemed to be the response for most families, traveling from near and far to take advantage of the outdoor amenities and recreational opportunities in the Pine Bluff park, ranging from water sports and fishing to tennis and golf.

The Abraham family, from Warren, Arkansas, lounged in water tubes in the Arkansas River as the McAphin family, from Eldorado, picnicked nearby with their nee born baby enjoying her first Fourth of July holiday in the Delta.

The Rhodes family packed up their SUV and traveled from Monticello to Pine Bluff for a family filled weekend in Pine Bluff.

As the children played and splashed in the water, the mother who tried to keep up finally settled for a relaxing moment in her lawn chair by the Arkansas River as the sound of the waves put her to ease.

“This is a family tradition,” she said. “Pine Bluff has one of the best firework shows in Arkansas and you can see them from anywhere in the park.”

The Pine Bluff Festival Association board along with the City of Pine Bluff presented the Fourth of July Firework Show at the softball complex in Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Regional Park.

Sponsored by Relyance Bank and Simmons Bank, the National Anthem kicked off the fireworks show. Attendees tuned in their radio dial to 99.3 The Beat and listened to patriotic music, enhancing the firework show experience.

Kerry Battle, Director of the Pine Bluff Festival Association, said in a promotional video for the event that the fireworks show was the largest in Southeast Arkansas and they did not disappoint. An array of fireworks, to celebrate the nation’s independence, gathered many onlookers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the city and state, all patrons were asked to remain in their vehicles and practice social distancing.

Those in attendance sat inside or on top of their vehicles and enjoyed the show.

The Jones family waited patiently for nightfall and watched in amazement as fire works lit up the sky at 9 p.m. on the dot.

The Pine Bluff Fire Department was on site for safety but their services weren’t needed as another successful Fireworks Show was recorded for the books.

Bumper-to-bumper traffic displayed a different light show as headlights and taillights stretched for miles as families loaded up to leave the park.

“Today was an enjoyable day,” said Roy O’Neil, who watched the show from his car with his wife. “Next year I hope we are past this coronavirus so we can get back to normal for celebrations.”

Pine Bluff Regional Park lies near the Arkansas River on the boundary of two of Arkansas’s geographical regions. Located at 6300 W. 4th Ave, Regional Park provides access to the Arkansas River through six boat-launching ramps and has a boat dock.

This park is also home to the Governor Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center, and it is located on the banks of the Arkansas River. Saracen Trace RV Park is located within Pine Bluff Regional Park.

Pine Bluff Regional Park is one of the largest parks in the Pine Bluff region. It is well maintained and full of amenities.