The Jefferson County Board of Election Commissioners held a meeting on Friday to discuss unfinished business as polling sites continue to drop out.

The Jefferson County Board of Election Commissioners held a meeting on Friday to discuss unfinished business as polling sites continue to drop out.

Cumberland church dropped out as a polling site and Family Church of Pine Bluff precincts needed to be assigned to a polling site.

Commissioner Theodis Davis wanted to add New Town to the agenda but his request was denied by Chairman Michael Adam.

Family Church of Pine Bluff is located at 23rd and Elm and includes precincts 202, 205,207, 208, 209, 210, 212 and 213 with 1,039 registered voters according to 2016 documents.

Tameka Reed, an election clerk who works as Commissioner Stuart Soffer’s right hand, recommended after reviewing the map, precincts 202 and 205 would go to Immanuel Baptist Church on 16th and Hickory.

The remainder precincts would go to 1st Presbyterian Church, located at 717 W. 32nd according to Reed who is also an equipment trainer and a polling site judge.

The 2016 documents show that Immanuel Baptist Church has 1,087 registered voters, and 1st Presbyterian Church has 1,262 registered voters.

Soffer agreed with Reed’s recommendations who he stated in a follow-up conversation, has great potential, quickly grasps issues, shows initiative and understands elections. The motion passed with a unanimous vote by the commissioners.

With Cumberland dropping out, located at 2401 Camden Road, it leaves approximately 955 registered voters who will need to be reassigned.

Cumberland precincts consist of 315, 317, 318, 319 and 323.

Cumberland had 210 voters in the 2018 election and 223 voters in the 216 election.

Reed suggested, after looking at the map, 315, 317 and 323 move to Trinity Lutheran Church at 4200 Old Warren Road and 318, 319 would go to Immanuel Baptist Church.

“A couple of the ones that we are sending, they have low turnout,” said Reed. “Sending additional voters there would be good.”

Reed said her suggestions were made by proximity so the voters would not have to travel further away from their original polling location due to their precinct closing.

Soffer feels more locations will drop out. He also said there is an extraordinary demand on absentee ballots and they can not delay laying out the election any longer assigning precincts to polling places.

“The clerk determines the number of absentee ballots she has to have printed based on the number of ballot styles. The number of ballot styles is determined by which precincts is assigned to which polling places,” said Soffer. “The longer we delay laying out this election, which means assigning precincts to polling places to candidates, the longer it’s going to take to get the proofs. The longer it’s going to take for her to order the ballots and meet the extraordinary demand.”

To meet the need of those who are affected by Cumberland closing, Soffer suggested a new polling place be found by Monday.

If a location is not found Soffer says he has no objection if those people vote at the nearest polling site if a precinct is closer to a polling site.

After driving the area over the weekend Soffer said The Kingdom Builders Outreach Church of Christ on Apple and 32nd would be a great location for voters and has reached out to no avail as of the weekend.

He moved forward with the General Election ballot position drawing. Reed pulled numbers which determined the order the candidates will show up on the ballot.

They will appear as follows:

General election ballot position

Office Sought ballot order for U.S. and Vice President

• C. L. Gammon and Phil Collins

• Kanye West and Michelle Tidball

• Phi Collins and Billy Joe Parker

• Brock Pierce and Karla Ballard

• John Richard Myers and Tiara Suzanne Lusk

• Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker

• Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris

• Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy “Spike” Cohen

• Don Blankenship and William Mohr

• Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente and Darcy G. Richardson

• Brian Carroll and Amar Patel

• Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence

• Gloria La Riva and Sunil Freem

U.S. Senate

• Ricky Dale Harrington

• Tom Cotton

U.S. Congress- District 04

• Bruce Westerman

• William Hanson

• Frank Gilbert

Arkansas State Senate-District 27

• Trent Garner

• Keidra Burrell

State Representative-District 14

• Christia Jones

• Rick Bransford

• Roger Dale Lynch

District 15

• Ken Bragg

• Wayne Willems

Jefferson County Quorum Court-Justice of the Peace District 8

• Roy Agee

• David Dinwiddie

City of Pine Bluff City Council-Ward 2, Position 1

• Steven Shaner

• Yvonne M. Denton

Ward 3, Position 1

• Glen Brown

• Bill Brumett

City of Altheimer City Council- District 1, Position 2

• Joycette Laws Strong

• Jewel Vanderbilt

District 2, Position 2

• Crystal Gridley

• Essie Robertson

City of Wabbaseka City Council- Position Ward 1, Position 1

• Melony J. Darrough

• Edward Spears Sr.

On Monday, Soffer confirmed that the Pine Bluff Family Church Campus Pastor Roosevelt Brown had agreed for the Family Church of Pine Bluff located at 2309 S Poplar St, Pine Bluff to serve as a polling site for the November 3 election.

A special called meeting was held on Monday prior to this print publication and will be followed up in the next print publication.