All Called To Serve Outreach Ministry recently donated several cases of water to Friendship Aspire Public Charter School at Pine Bluff to help them meet their goal to ensure children will have safe drinking water.

“We thank them for allowing us an opportunity to be a helping source,” a spokeswoman said in a news release. “We are All Called to Serve (ACTS 2:39) and as a common unity entity, we believe in coming together to meet the needs of the community at large if possible. There are so many changes going on that will affect our children. We are hoping and praying for a good outcome so that they may be able to receive their education and meet their milestones of growth in the safest way.”

Participants involved in the presentation included Marikos Bowens, Nakaylen Johnson, ACTS evangelist Glenda Johnson; Deitra Wilson, Brianna Reynolds, Rolanda Murry (Friendship Aspire Charter School teachers), Napoleon Sandeford (ACTS)

The ministry appreciates its supporters.

“A big thank you to India (Super 1 Hazel Street associate) who helped us to expedite such a tall order. And a special thank you to Pine Bluff Commercial for helping us stay connected to what’s going on in our community,” the spokeswoman said.