White Hall in no hurry to replace councilman killed in roadway crash

It will be weeks or longer before the White Hall City Council is ready to replace Alderman Andrew M. "Andy" Lunsford, who was killed in an automobile crash Thursday.

Lunsford, who was reelected as Ward 1 council representative in November, leaves the seat vacant for nearly the full term of two years.

With 13 years of service on the council, Lunsford was a valued member, said senior council member Ken Smith.

Smith, who has served 25 years on the council, remembered when Lunsford was first appointed to fill the vacant Ward 1 seat in 2007.

"He was a real asset to our city," Smith said.

White Hall Mayor Noel Foster said the remaining five members will be able to form a quorum, meaning having enough members to conduct city business and pass any needed legislation.

If necessary, the mayor has the power to step in to break a tie vote.

"We will make a decision in the next months," Foster said, referring to finding someone else to serve on the council. "We'll fill his position when we feel it's appropriate."

City council members, not the mayor, have the power to replace Lunsford.

However, anyone interested in filling the position can send a letter and resume to the mayor's office, and Foster said he will present it to the council.

Foster said they will be looking for someone with professional training or life or business experiences, but from no one particular background.

"We would consider various backgrounds, especially in the areas of finance, real estate or business," Foster said.

Most importantly, he added, "We're looking for someone who is willing to work hard and work with other council members. Someone who puts the city first and continues to help grow our city."

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