Pine Bluff letter


For vote centers

Editor, The Commercial:

A vote center is a polling place where any registered voter of the county can vote regardless of where they live in the county. A vote center's electronic poll books link to all vote centers to ensure someone does not vote more than once. It is an Election Day version of early voting and a statewide trend.

Jefferson County has lost three polling places in Pine Bluff and having vote centers will alleviate the extra travel for voters whose polling place closed. Of Arkansas' 75 counties, 60 have vote centers. Unfortunately, Jefferson County is not one of them and it is past time to consider the needs of voters.

The approval process requires approval of all three election commissioners, the Quorum Court and Secretary of State. The three commissioners agree and it is my understanding County Judge Robinson is not opposed to having vote centers. Secretary of State approval is anticipated.

If Israel can declare a daily four-hour pause in Gaza, the Quorum Court can certainly do the same for this one issue. The delay is at the Quorum Court. Voters are encouraged to contact their Quorum Court JP and ask them to expeditiously move vote center approval forward. The Primary Election is approaching and having vote centers will make it easier to vote.

Stuart Soffer,

White Hall