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Editor, The Commercial:

Since we know very little about Vivian (Flowers) and her track record, we have vetted her (thoroughly investigating someone as if they were applying for a job). After this is done, the decision to hire or not to hire is made. She is applying for the job as mayor, and you don't want any surprises down the pike.

Your vote is secret. Your friends will not know how you vote.

Did not support the initiative to build Pine Bluff's new state of the art library.

Voted against the Public Safety ballot measure to improve our Police and Fire Department.

Did not support the Saracen Casino which created 1,200 jobs. As a result of the tax revenue, the salaries of the police and firemen rose from $27,000 to $42,000.

Did not submit 2024 Pine Bluff Mayor's campaign tax on time.

Did not support the Pine Bluff – White Hall school Millage.

Bill to expand the college tuition savings program -- Flowers not present.

Missed 16 key votes in the Arkansas State legislature in contrast to Shirley Washington's work ethic of only missing a day when significantly ill.

Ethics - In 2017 she was cited and fined for 32 violations of failure to file campaign finance reports – 2020 fined again and earlier this year was again delinquent.

Dr. J. William Nuckolls,

Pine Bluff

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