Pine Bluff letter


Let record speak

Editor, The Commercial:

It is a common election practice for incumbents to rely on their track records. Challengers always pick at these, look for mistakes, say it is "time for a change," and state that they have a better way.

However, their "better way" is often not feasible and way beyond the city's budget. They will try to sell you the impossible -- the pie in the sky (something good but impossible to obtain.)

Shirley Washington has an excellent track record. Many of her accomplishments were listed in her State of the City address, and all occurred on her watch.

Promises are changeable, cheap, and usually overinflated. A track record is tangible and doesn't change. What you see is what you get.

Mayor Washington has done a great job in dealing with the needs of Pine Bluff. Her vision for the future is obtainable and practical in contrast to those of her competitor.

Mayor Washington is hard-working, has Christian values, and excellent work ethics. She rarely misses a day's work except for illness (even then, she has been known to come in). She is constantly thinking of ways to improve Pine Bluff. Being Mayor of Pine Bluff is her life.

Please join me in casting your FOR vote for Mayor Shirley Washington.

Leigh Cockrum,

Pine Bluff

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