Pine Bluff letter


Don't be fooled

Editor, The Commercial:

Looks like dark-money politics has come to Pine Bluff.

My SPAM filter recently caught an anonymous dirty-tricks email that smeared mayoral candidate Vivian Flowers. This anonymous spam was filled with mistruths, distortions and downright lies about Flowers and her record.

This appalling spam also seems a part of a shadowy smear campaign that includes radio advertisements and the creation of an anonymous Arizona-based website. Worse yet, this deceitful anonymous trickery, run by people too cowardly to sign their names, launched after the start of early voting.

I'm not the only voter to have gotten wind of these anonymous, shady and baseless claims. But I will not be fooled by this sham.

In fact, this underhanded coordinated attack only affirms my support for Flowers. Let's be clear: Vivian Flowers is a dedicated public servant who cares deeply about our community and our families. She has the experience and judgment to fix our city government, our economy and our roads. She's delivered for us at the state capital in the past; she'll deliver for us in city hall in the future.

More importantly, she has the integrity to clean up our city government. She's called for an audit and greater transparency in our government. She'll eliminate waste, fight corruption and reform services, and she'll do so with integrity and honor. In short, she's not the kind of unethical candidate who would use anonymous emails and sham websites to distort an opponent's record.

That's why I'm casting my vote for Vivian Flowers for mayor.

Vivian G. Wright,

Pine Bluff

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