Mayor Debe Hollingsworth has announced a Listening Tour.

Mayor Debe Hollingsworth has announced a Listening Tour.

The tour is intended to gather information concerning the city’s strengths and weaknesses and to focus on future priorities, according to a press release. The mayor and members of the Pine Bluff City Council will participate.

The meetings will be held in the city’s four wards in conjunction with Neighborhood Watch group meetings. Neighborhood Watch coordinator Ja’Xmyne Burnett will assist with scheduling these meetings. The mayor and aldermen from the respective wards will assist in facilitating the meetings. A designated person will record and transcribe the gathered information from each meeting. The meetings will be organized around a series of questions to help assess where we are now and what potentially we could look to do in the future; the facilitator will assist in guiding the citizens.

A summary of each meeting will be posted on the city’s website, the city TV channel and Mayor Debe Hollingsworth Reports Facebook page.

"Our administration’s focus has been and continues to be on the citizen’s input to determine the best direction for the future of Pine Bluff," Hollingsworth said in the press release. "As we begin to ‘Build A Bridge For Tomorrow,’ our desire is to spend several weeks meeting in neighborhoods throughout our city, which will allow a more personal, one-on-one interaction with our citizens to listen to their issues and how they see their tomorrow."

Hollingsworth said the ultimate goals are: 1) to convey to the citizens they have a mayor and council dedicated to "Building A Bridge For Tomorrow;" 2) the citizens become a stakeholder for their tomorrow; and 3) we are untied with moving our city forward.

The announcement did not include dates for the events.