Editor, The Commercial:

A recent editorial in the PB Commercial asked the question, “why didn’t the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff have their UAPB gala event, Legends and Legacies, at Pine Bluff rather than at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock?” (duh!) Unfortunately, we have neither the pristine city nor a suitable venue for such an event. And, after all, this was a fund-raising event — the proceeds benefiting the UAPB Football Scholarship Investment Fund.

UAPB is part of the University of Arkansas System. However, the campus is not on the par of any of the other campuses that make up the system with the possible exception of U of A Monticello. It is certainly not on the par of the U of A Fayetteville or UAMS — I attended the first and worked at the second. It is also not on the par of UALR or many private schools in Arkansas.

Can you imagine what a viable college could do for our city? When I was at U of A Fayetteville, Fayetteville was a bucolic, little town where you could walk all over campus and even into the city itself. The last time I was there, I had a hard time finding my sorority!

So, I invite Pine Bluffians to donate to the UAPB Foundation. I have, and the money was well-received. And, when the alumni come home to UAPB to party at Homecoming, stop by the UAPB Foundation and leave a donation.

Also, write your representatives and ask them why UAPB is treated like “second-hand Rose.”

Jeanette McGrew

Pine Bluff