Let’s go to work to better Pine Bluff must become a rallying cry. The Bible tells us in scripture, Nehemiah 4:6 “so built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.”

The apparent need to work to better Pine Bluff is obvious. We also need to build walls to better Pine Bluff. We also need people in Pine Bluff with a mind to work, people who are willing to work to address critical issues we are faced with in Pine Bluff.

Let’s go to work to build a wall centered around community “PRIDE” focusing on cleaning-up Pine Bluff and each of us having a will to keep Pine Bluff clean.

Let’s go to work to build a wall centered around economic growth, realizing if Pine Bluff is to survive and thrive we the people must better Pine Bluff’s economic condition. Consumers in Pine Bluff must become more supportive of our local business, and our businesses in Pine Bluff must become more sensitive to meeting consumers’ needs.

Our economic growth wall that we build must include, aggressively pursue bringing new businesses and industry to Pine Bluff, which will have a positive effect on job creation in Pine Bluff.

Let’s go to work, to build a wall centered around saving our children, for we are losing far too many of our children to negative behavior. The Bible tell us in Proverbs 22:6, “train up a child in the way he should go.” As a community we simply must do more to train of our children. By providing more after-school activities, mentoring programs and developing more recreational activities for our children.

We must as a community help our children place a greater value on getting a good education. Our children must be made to understand the level of education they have will have an effect on their futures.

Having a mind to work to address the social issues listed above and other critical social issues such as stopping crime and violence in our community, better education, affordable housing, better health care and better social services are other issues that must be addressed in order to better Pine Bluff.

Allow me to conclude by saying, having the mind to work to better Pine Bluff is critical to the future of Pine Bluff. Each of us must recognize the need that exists to better our city and realize if we don’t work to better Pine Bluff then who will? Let‘s go to work to better Pine Bluff.

The Rev. Milton H. Jenkins of Pine Bluff is a local minister and chairman of the Pine Bluff Eastside “PRIDE” Clean-Up Committee.

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