From a slogan a movement was born. All across this great nation there were many angry and concerned citizens marching and protesting with placards and signs with these words, “Black Lives Matter!” I agree black lives along with white, red, brown and yellow lives matter also.

Allow me to ask this question, do black lives matter only when a law enforcement officer is involved? What about black on black shooting and killing across our nation? Where are the marchers? Where are the protesters with their signs and placards shouting in the TV cameras about the shooting of black men and young boys in the street?

In the city of Chicago in the last three years some 2,000 black men were murdered by guess who? Black men. What about our city, Pine Bluff?

As citizens, we must take interest in our young black men and boys. As a member of the crime advisory commission, every preventive measure we bring to the table will be of no avail if there is no parental guidance in the homes.

We have the best police and fire departments in the state. Each year they have many activities for our youth. The same can be said for our schools, churches, the great University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB). And there are many projects and organizations with activities for youth. I take it upon myself to never forget the shoulders of many black people that have helped me to get where I am.

I visit the east side with food, assistance and advice for as many as I can because I am not an island. I do not stand alone. I will never forget!! I visit the jails and make every effort to reach the elderly, the youth and children.

At Breath of Life, we are a team working together for the honor and glory of God. The entire neighborhood is always invited and welcome to all our ministry activities.

As a team, we drive through the area and give out over 500 meals to the needy. Why? “Because children matter,” not skin color but all children. Over 92 percent of our finances go out for ministry. No one is paid a salary for their work. We are here to serve. Why? Because “Black Lives Matter” and all other lives matter. We will never forget where we came from. No, never! Allow me to close with this, “Go Panthers!”

The Rev. Kerry Price Sr. is the pastor at Breath of Life Church at Pine Bluff.

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