What if Jesus unexpectedly appeared to speak at your church? Picture this. Jesus walks up and greets the congregation. Everyone is amazed that He is the “guest speaker” today. As He begins to introduce His plans for the people, church, community and city, a man stands.

It is a student named Peter. He stops Jesus and says, “Lord, it is good that you are here, let’s build a place for you to abide.” Then a lady named Martha stands, turns around and runs off to start cooking, yelling for Mary to help her instead of hearing what the Lord is about to tell them.

A man, dominated by demons (even though He has been in the church for years), stands and yells, “Son of God, have you come to torment us before our time?”

Next, a rich, young ruler gets up and walks out because he wanted to hear a motivational teaching on “success in life,” without it costing him anything in the process.

Then, a board member named Pilate stands and yells, “What is truth?” He ends up leaving; upset because no one ran the “guest speaker” idea by him before the service.

Judas, the church treasurer, comes up and kisses Jesus on the cheek then walks out. He is seen in the church parking lot calling 911. He tells the operator that the church has been seized by a religious extremist and a SWAT team may be needed. He leaves his contact information with the police in order to collect any reward that might be offered. Jesus raises His hands to calm the people. Just then, two young men (James and John) stand and ask the Lord if they should call down fire from heaven on all of them.

With tears in His eyes, Jesus asks the congregation, “I thought that my Father said that this is about me and my kingdom? When did it become about you and your kingdom? I have plans for Pine Bluff and you’re included!”

The people shouted, “Why, Lord it is about you!”

Jesus continues, “If it’s about me, then why did I spend the night on a park bench last night; all of your doors were locked, and no one took me in and fed me? And, last week, I was thrown in jail for preaching and placing signs of the Gospel truth on the fence of a local church and no one came to visit me except the pastor. Where were you? I was lonely, and you did not invite me to any of your functions. If you would make it about me and my kingdom; which includes the least of these; I will make it about you to my Father in Heaven. I guarantee it.”

Church, we must see Jesus. It’s not about programs and raising money. It’s all about Jesus. His ministry. His kingdom.

The Rev. Kerry Price Sr. is the pastor at Breath of Life Church at Pine Bluff.

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