I read with some interest Stephen George's recent letter concerning our southern border wall. It still puzzles me that some do no seem to understand or at least disagree that a country without borders or some form of barriers that define and protect it cannot remain a country. If we refuse to ignore our need for such defenses then I would ask, "Is this what we have become, a nation of sheep, devoid of sound reason, hiding behind the naive belief that evil does not exist and sanctimonious criticism of the common sense that seeks only to keep our country safe?"

Yes, our country is a nation of immigrants, legal immigrants. A nation that does not distinguish between legal immigration and illegal immigration is not a nation of laws and thus cannot be a real country. Mr. George quotes a poem by Robert Frost in defense of his beliefs, but I am guessing that even Mr. Frost probably understood that a wall must have a door or a gate through which all who wish to enter must pass. Those who would climb the wall, thus bypassing the gate, do not intend to qualify as worthy of citizenship in our country and must be caught and returned as it is not fair to those who wish to do it legally.

Those who seek a better life and want to love and contribute to our great nation should be welcome with open arms. We cannot take all who desire to enter our country, but we must always distinguish between those who wish to qualify and those who do not and borders must play a part in this process if we hope to remain a safe and free country.