Call me crazy, but I keep hoping the tangerine tyrant will do the decent thing for once in his life and resign, making my day in a way that Clint Eastwood never could. Of course, there's a downside to this made-for-YouTube moment. The mere mention of resignation is enough to send Donnie dumbstruck fans over the edge, so to speak. Thank goodness the Flat Earth Society has a 24-hour hotline so we can alert them to the mindless bumbling and stumbling of his Donnie dumbstruck fans across the country.

Can you imagine life as a Flat Earth Society hotline operator just after Thanksgiving when the first of a series of indictments are made public and members of Trump's team, including Donnie dumbstruck junior, are arrested at their home or office, placed in cuffs and driven to the courthouse? Cranky crowds of Donnie dumbstruck fans will go into shock wherever they happen to be a the moment. You know, that sounds like a Psycho's R Us version of the Rapture with a really bad ending (boy, the stuff I come up with).

The great orange blunder (a.k.a. Donnie dumbstruck) (a.k.a. the Mar A Lago marvel) (a.k.a. the Kremlin creampuff) has been and continues to be a very bad boy and the Donnie dumbstruck crowd is fine with that. From their "limited" point of view (ignorant is more accurate but sooo judgmental), Donnie dumbstruck is the best thing since single serve coffee pods... and as a coffee lover, I tend to agree. Those pods take less space on the page than impeachment (my personal favorite) ... and fit quite nicely in the kitchen cupboard.