Sadly, it’s revival season for the Christian churches around America. So, depending on the geographical location you live in, your congregation May be 98 percent all black or 98 percent all White, and a few mixed nationality congregations.

The community maybe plagued with crime and run down homes and businesses. It may very well be a thriving area with little to no crime. Whichever category of church we attend falls into, WE as Christians have the responsibility to be active in the community and the lives of all the people, just NOT OUR OWN RACE.

I started this post out with “sadly it’s revival season” because many churches will host revivals. Some are out in country churches far into the back woods and a few faithful will show. Some are in big city areas or larger communities and again a faithful few will show up.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Those faithful few need reviving as well, but what about the lost in the community? What about the backslider? What about the struggling mom with no transportation, the father or man who has quit, the young men at the parks playing basketball or smoking weed, the countless number who will sit in their homes on Apps looking at mess that doesn’t help them come to know Jesus or add any importance to their lives?

The efforts of revivals must be greater than that of planning for a wedding — if I may use that example. For weddings, we meet and meet and greet in hopes for a perfect turnout and wonderful event.

OK, well maybe that didn’t sit well with every one. Let’s say, the effort for revival must be like when politicians run for office. You see them everywhere. You see their information everywhere. You see their supporters at your front door, at the grocery store, wherever they feel a vote may be. I just got to believe that a person’s soul and life should be more important and receive the same efforts.

Jesus Christ and His followers in Matthew 15 were neither stationary or silent and after Jesus spoke, many went and told and brought others so that when he did sit, it was again to teach and cast out demons. Only after he was done, to go preach, teach more and continue to be active in the community.

Depending on the office a potential politician is running for they may spend $3,000 to $25,000 on state and local levels, but churches spend $100 to $2,000 on revival and sadly most of that is for not paying but blessing the preacher.


The Rev. Alexander Price is an associate minister at Unity Christian Fellowship Church and president of Full Circle 360.

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