Editor, The Commercial:

Too often people have the tendency to accentuate the negative in our community and either ignore or downplay the positive. Unfortunately, our schools receive a large share of that less than complimentary attention. I have no desire to participate in that banter.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to share my enthusiastic appreciation for Ridgway Christian School, a school that has made a positive impact in this community for 22 years by specifically offering parents a Christian alternative and providing the community at large with a private option (a selling point often used to attract young professionals to a new community.)

It has been my honor to chair the RCS school board for four years. I have seen many students pass through the doors and go on to be very successful in universities and in their professional and personal lives. Millions in scholarships have been awarded to those noteworthy students. Almost like a proud father, I would be happy to list those accomplishments but I understand the constraints of time and print space.

I do feel compelled, however, to remind this community that a dually accredited, safe, Christ-centered school with certified teachers, smaller class sizes, college preparatory curriculum and plans to expand academic offerings is something worth noting.

New facility improvements are in progress and new administration will join the RCS team for the 2019-20 school year. Our parents, students and board members are passionate about our school! Plans for the summer program are also being finalized. RCS has much to offer! I am proud to remind this community that the RCS Eagles are soaring!

Leslie Whisenant,

Pine Bluff