It takes time, effort and prayer to create an atmosphere where people can dream and become all God intended. As a pastor in the kingdom of God I have no ownership of people or their gifts.

Those that are part of our team here at Breath of Life, I must be certain they understand me and have my heart before I entrust them with great authority in this ministry.

All of our team members are given permission and empowered to dream and experiment with how to fulfill their purpose and accomplish their assignment in life and ministry.

Our team here at Breath of Life have very few restrictions. I do and want this for those who have proven themselves as faithful. Sometimes things don’t have a favorable outcome. Very few times does this happen, but if it does we pray, roll up our sleeves, and go for it again. Why? We are a team.

Jesus didn’t seem to be afraid of the consequences of empowering His disciples. Sometimes I have found that it is worth the risk to empower people, for in doing so they often rise to heights way beyond my expectations.

Some people just need someone to believe in them in order to grow into their potential. It is worth the risk. To work under my leadership, you must understand me and be willing to go the extra mile. To me the ministry is the real deal. I am strict and serious. You must be willing to be trained for this great work.

Let’s face it. Jesus trained people differently than we do, and differently than what makes us comfortable. You must understand that it is we who need to change. There is much at stake. Our ways are not better than His. Jesus took risks with people that maybe I or you would never have taken.

Allow me to give you some helpful principles to follow:

• Believe in people before they earn it. Jesus set the standard quite high for us as He entrusted the good news for the Kingdom of God long before they could ever earn the right to it.

• Give people the benefit of the doubt. Be honest, confront, but also believe the best about them until proven otherwise, give them room to grow and change by believing in their repentance.

• Discipline according to what’s best for them, not for what makes you look good. Correction is not to make us feel better or vindicated. It must be entirely for others, with a hope for their future.

• Give responsibility liberally, authority sparingly. I give responsibility to willing people. But I will give authority to the tested and proven. You can make a big mistake in giving authority to someone too early. It will cost you.

As a team we try and make a quality effort to follow Jesus’ example. Sometimes we fall but we get back up with a greater determination. Through this determination the results are clear: more people saved, healed, more passion for Jesus, and a profound devotion to one another; and a higher standard of personal purity with great devotion to Jesus.

We will continue as a team to learn how to bring forth the fruit that Jesus deserves. Breath of Life team members, we are in everyday training for ministry. Jesus is the Breath of Life!

The Rev. Kerry Price Sr. is the pastor at Breath of Life Church at Pine Bluff.

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