Editor, The Commercial:

It puzzles me that people would oppose smoking in casinos. Do they also expect the pit bosses to automatically hand them a stack of cash merely because they walk in the door and smell nice?

People go to a casino to gamble; it’s why the joint’s there, after all. Adamant non-smokers should perhaps invest their money instead in dictionaries, that they can better understand the language they’re trying to manipulate.

Gambling involves taking chances. Smoking involves taking chances. Eventually, you will lose; that’s a given. Both factions know and understand this, yet they still choose to play the odds.

Do I smoke? Obviously. Do I know the dangers? I’ll just say that when the first “Quit Now” ads came out, listing the dozen-odd toxins in tobacco smoke, my contingent set about to memorize the entire list (as we had with “two all beef patties,” etc.). Let’s see the vapers do that!

Besides, all the second-hand-smoke warnings tend to ignore buses, big rigs, and that clunker you drove to work. Think they’re safe? Roll down the windows and sit in traffic for an hour … and hope the tail-gater isn’t texting as well.

As for the claim that employees should have a smoke-free gaming environment in which to work, they already do. It’s called Walmart. Just go to work as usual, and hope that your store isn’t the next one to make national headlines.

D.H. Ridgway,

Pine Bluff