After serving for 24 years on the City Council, I understand the challenges the mayor and the council members face each day. Understanding the challenges, I salute each of you for your service. Public service is challenging.

I don’t agree with all of you all the time, politically or philosophically; however, I respect each of you for your unwavering stance on what you believe.

My unsolicited advice, Madam Mayor and Council:

• Try to find common ground on issues.

• Be transparent with each other.

• Try not to deface each other publicly.

• Try to show the utmost respect regardless of political views, and show a united front to the city, county, state, and national governmental bodies.

• Become the model legislative body that every citizen would be proud of.

Your Maker has endowed you with gifts, talents, passions, and experiences that are unique to each of you. Your “vocal essence” is the quality of what others hear when you speak.

— Irene Holcomb is a Pine Bluff City Council alderwoman emerita.