Editor, The Commercial:

The City of Pine Bluff has unleashed the “Genie out of the bottle” that can never be put back in. Ten, twenty and thirty years from now, generations will look back on this decade and see the negative impact we’ve had on this community; how it has changed their pattern of living, distorted our values and incubated crime through legalized gambling.

One of the biggest sins of our time is the silence from so many of our churches and ministers. As members of the Church of God in Christ, (COGIC) faith, we believe gambling feeds upon human weaknesses and contributes to the desire to get “something for nothing.”

This attitude encourages faith in chance, damages character, breeds crime, promotes dishonesty, fraud and apathetic attitudes toward petty gambling, which aids organized crime in spreading legalized gambling throughout our communities and nation. The business of gambling is entirely parasitic and exists for the sole purpose of exploiting a human weakness.

We cannot change the laws of this City, but we can personally encourage individuals and families to not fall prey to this vicious predator. Just remember, “one life destroyed and one family broken” are not worth all the millions of dollars of investment.

James and Deloris Jackson,

Pine Bluff