Editor, The Commercial:

The Pine Bluff Commercial ran an article dated October 1, that Okorie Ezieme & Steven Mays, Jr., were the chief officers & owners of the theater, Saracen Cinema 8. Hats off to the new owners of our local movie theater! They have done a marvelous job.

I checked online and realized a movie I wanted to see was playing. I caught the next showing & I was impressed when I walked in the door. The theater is very clean, smells fresh, is innovative with the latest movies and the snack bar is stocked with all the “goodies” we like to eat. I understand recliner chairs will be ordered & put in eventually. The staff was so friendly & professional.

The worker at the snack bar even suggested my best buy was the “combo,” which I ordered. The previews & movie started on time, and my seat, floor space & area surrounding me was very clean & fresh.

I remember how the theater was when the previous owner was there. It was so nasty, I hadn’t been back since. I had been going to Little Rock to see a movie. We do not have to travel to Little Rock for a movie anymore. Please support our local theater and take plenty of Kleenex for the movie, “The Overcomer!” It’s a tear jerker.

Brenda Collins Johnson,

Pine Bluff