What are yo0u afraid of giving up in order to obey God’s call to win souls, make disciples, and build the church (which is the call for ALL who call themselves believers)?

Is it status quo, our cushy job, the American Dream, the big promotion, achievement, ambition, comfort, ease, others’ expectations, money, prestige, power, dreams, position, popularity, hobby, sport, that neighborhood, the overpriced car, etc.?

Do we chase more after the fleeting things of this world or the very heart of God? What if you have everything this world and even religion tells you is important but you are still unfulfilled, restless, and frustrated?

You and I will never be fully satisfied until we are not only willing to give up everything for the sake of the gospel but we actually DO it! It doesn’t mean you can’t have things…but there is more to this life than the things I listed above. God calls disciples to give up and give away themselves in order to truly find His peace and purpose.

What if the church got serious and stopped just showing up to church and really started being the church? What if every believer went ALL-IN for the gospel? What if we started loving our neighbor instead of complaining about them?

What if we started fostering/adopting the orphan and mentoring youth instead of complaining about the younger generation? What if we started serving the least of these instead of pretending they don’t exist?

What if we went on a mission trip with an eternal reward instead of a vacation trip with a temporal one? What if we invested money, time, thought, skills, and heart into discipling someone else in the ways of the Lord instead of murmuring about how the church isn’t growing? We are either on God’s mission or our own/the devil’s mission. We are either distracted and detached from the gospel, even by good things, or we are engaged and engulfed in the gospel.

What is Jesus calling you to do for Him? Where is He calling you to serve? What is keeping you from stepping up? What is distracting you from living on mission for Christ? What is it you are doing that is good but in the end will be burned up, futile in view of eternal matters? When each member of the church fully surrenders to the Lord, the church will not only be believable to a skeptical world but also unstoppable in a fallen world desperate for relationship with the Savior.

Believers in Christ…people in your neighborhood, school, workplace, social circles, homes, networks and even around the world are waiting on you and me to say and show an all-in “YES” to really being on mission in this life for Jesus. Who’s going to heaven because of you? Are you helping the church to be an unstoppable force or an unappealing farce? I’m tired of church as usual.

It’s time we stop complaining about what the church isn’t doing for us and start doing what Jesus has already told us to do in response to what He’s already done for us! If our preferences and opinions about the church have become more important that His commands and commission then we have lost sight of what it means to be the Church. Love God and love people as we win souls with the gospel and make disciples of Jesus is what He has called us to.

Stephen Harrison is the lead pastor of Family Church at White Hall.

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