Editor, The Commercial:

We have been informed that the Arkansas Department of Transportation will start the Highway 190 Project, which includes construction on 11th and Ohio Street to Harding, in the year 2020. In addition, the improvements of Highway 190/West 6th Ave will begin Spring of 2021.

Also, the Pine Bluff Community would like to thank the Arkansas Department of Transportation for awarding a 2019 TAP grant for $384,000 which will be used for the Grant Street Multiuse Trail Project and related purposes. This important project will provide our children a choice to walk or ride their bikes to Coleman Intermediate School.

We appreciate the Mayor and the City Council for accepting this grant project. Furthermore, we are grateful for the support of the Pine Bluff Economic and Community Development Director Mr. Larry Mathews, Ms. Lori Walker and their staff as well as the Southeast Regional Planning Commission, and the Pine Bluff Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Executive Director Mr. Larry Reynolds and his staff.

Lastly, several of our Aldermen and community members have played a significant role in the grant award, namely Alderman Steven Mays, Alderman Bruce Lockett as well as Ms. Joanna Miller, Ms. Anita Russell and Ms. Diane Whitaker who helped obtained community signatures.

Because of our collective spirit, we anticipate that these projects will provide a safe route for our children and citizens and create a better quality of life.

Earl and Ora Mays,

Pine Bluff