Pray like Daniel. Dan. 9-10.

In 2017, I wrote a donation request to a company asking for $1,000. For the purpose of this story, the amount has a small connection. The strongest connection is prayer. My brother recommended the company and even gave me the name of the vice president (VP) as the person to whom to send the request. The VP liked the proposal and asked me to submit a formal request through the appropriate channels. He was warm and his conversations felt light with a strong get-to-know-you style.

Unlike some managers, he made me feel like an equal with something to offer; even though, I was the one doing the asking. We talked several times afterward and he always gave me positive feedback. But suddenly there was silence for a few months. I called and left messages without any return response. Weeks later I received a rejection letter in the mail saying thanks, but no thanks. It wasn’t like I haven’t received dozens of rejection letters before. In the nonprofit business you learn early to expect more rejections than acceptance. But this was different. Somehow, I felt within my soul God had given me this donation.

I kept saying things like, “God gave this to me.” What happened? I prayed daily about it. And one day, I called. God’s yes was loud in my heart and rejection letter or not – God has the final say. I called a general corporate number, and unbeknownst to me, I was talking to the VP’s former secretary.

She listened with compassion and after I was done, she told me that about a week after my last conversation with the VP, he died. That was why he never got back to me. Maybe it was her soothing voice, but she told me not to worry and she would share my story with the appropriate people. Two weeks later, I received the check. I was right. God had said yes. It was delayed, but found its way to me in a timely fashion.

God had placed before me an open door that no one could shut. Without prayer, faith, and listening to God’s voice that $1,000 would still be in the company’s account. Now fast forward, three years later and God is still reminding me of the importance of prayer.

Once again, I am seeking opportunities for my nonprofit. Every effort appears to be closing, but my experience and historical records have shown for every problem there are multiple solutions.

After reading Daniel 9-10, it became clear to me that if we want to move a mountain (Matt. 17:20), prayer will require a deep dive. Fasting and humility (Dan. 10:2-3) becomes an important factor. Take a look at Daniel’s approach to prayer. Once, in Chapter 9 he took on full responsibility of the people’s sins. He used words like “we” and “us,” instead of “they” or “them” have sinned.

Not once did Daniel exclude himself from the sins committed against God. He goes on to appeal to God’s mercy. He asked God to look at them (us) tenderly for “His namesake.” Daniel tells God that we do not merit help from you, but for your namesake God, help your people. What an example. How many of us would take on all or the same punishment alongside the worst of the worst to help someone else - even if you didn’t desire it? I only recall one person that has done that – Jesus. Daniel’s prayer is sacrificial. And when you pray sacrificially, you obtain God Express Answers.

Dan. 9:23 says “As soon as you began to pray, a word went out, which I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed.” No wonder he got God’s attention the first day of prayer. He also got someone else’s attention - Satan. When the enemy sees you growing in faith through prayer, sometimes life gets a little tougher.

After Daniel prayed, a spiritual war in the heavenly realm was actively at work trying to block Daniel’s answer, Dan. 10:13-14. It took 21 days for Daniel to receive God’s message with the help of God’s top officer, Michael. This reminded me of my situation. A yes was given and an answer was delayed. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that Satan was at war with God and I was just a pawn.

Eph. 6:12 validates that our battles are not against humans but against evil rulers, or satanic beings in high places. Some of us would have given up after the first few days of prayers. But not Daniel. He knew God would answer him if he stayed prayerful. The success of a heavenly victory, is a committed relationship and a committed prayer life. Keep praying. Know that the answer is on the way. It may have gotten hung up in a good fight, but the battle is not yours, it’s God.

— Brenette Wilder of Lee’s Summit, Mo., (formerly of Altheimer, Ark.), is president of Kansas City Teen Summit.