How would you feel if someone came up to you and called you out in front of your friends and family? Things you tried desperately to hide through hard work, community involvement, and a busy schedule were now exposed.

They knew the real you, not the pretense you wanted everyone to believe by your outer appearance or your works. They knew the sum of what you are: indifferent.

Maybe not in every area of your life, but indifferent to things that really matter. Indifferent people can complete a task or go through life satisfied with mediocre and lack of enthusiasm. Stale! Tasteless! I understand this, because sometimes the most any of us can do while raising children, or dealing with hardships, or trying to get food on the table is just to get through the dailiness of the day.

And not just one day, but day after day, seemingly unending struggles. This type of dailiness without purpose can rob you of the importance of what you are doing. Work becomes just work. And if you are not having a particular interest or concern or purpose; dailiness of work can give birth to indifference.

Indifferent (neither hot nor cold) is what I believe God called the Church of Laodicea in Revelations 3. He saw right through them. The Church of Laodicea had a braggadocious “me-myself-and I” mentality. They boasted about everything in their life as if they did it on their own. God challenged them to take a stand to be either hot or cold; look to him for their success and run after him. He wanted the quality of their life and the state of their condition to be more usable for him. Then He could enjoy the distinctive quality of their life. Inward spirit led quality.

Indifferent is what He said about me during a Bible study homework assignment 8 years ago. And it’s what he is saying about someone reading this today. You think you can go it alone without anyone’s help, but you are wrong. This type of thinking will leave you poor of spirit, naked from the covering of faith, and downright pitiful. But God is rich! He can heal your spiritual sight and cover your shame.

Prayer: God, thank you for wanting the best for your children. Teach us how to live hot in every area of our lives. When you see indifference and stale living in our lives, reveal it to us so we can repent of it. Redirect our thoughts, actions, and the full sum of ourselves to a hot way of living.

— Brenette Wilder of Lee’s Summit, Mo., (formerly of Altheimer, Ark.), is president of Kansas City Teen Summit.