Gardening television shows are some of my favorites. The idea of growing trees or vegetables from a seed is life-giving to me. I enjoy learning about new techniques that yield delicious or beautiful plants.

For example, one day while looking at a video online, I learned that shaking your fruit tree before it starts to bud produces more fruit. They say it loosens the fruit vessels that carry the sap to the buds, thus enhancing the opportunity for more fruit,

Years ago, I learned a different tree shaking method – one many of us may be more familiar with. It wasn’t done to increase fruit growth or production; it was done as a harvesting technique. We shook the tree to retrieve some of the luscious and sweetest fruit placed outside of hands reach.

But there’s another shaking talked about in the book of Haggai that wasn’t meant to satisfy taste buds, but to rebuild a temple where God will give peace.

In Haggai 2:6, God shares the type of shaking he is planning:

“For the Lord Almighty says, ‘in just a little while I will begin to shake the heavens and earth — and the oceans, too, and the dry land. I will shake all nations, and the Desire of All Nations shall come to this Temple, and I will fill this place with my glory,’ says the Lord Almighty.”

He’s letting us know that everything on earth belongs to Him. Nothing is beyond His reach when He wants to rebuild or give peace. Making your latter days better than your first days may require using His money, His land, His dreams, or His house. And unfortunately, because our hand grip can be a little tight, a little shaking may be involved to break loose some things.

I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but this pandemic (i.e., COVID-19, health safety, and physical distancing) looks like a prelude to an unwanted shaking.

Unwanted because of the uncertainty of the future and how it affects every part of our lives. Our home life is being shaken, our faith is being shaken, and our ability to support our families is being shaken. But, here’s the thing: God wants the most important thing that belongs to Him. He wants you. And he will use whatever means he chooses to accomplish His purpose of drawing your ripe heart back to Him.

Using an analogy from my peach picking days: keep in mind that low hanging fruit is easily accessible, but treetop fruit or even treetop experiences require a little shaking.

So, even though things seem challenging, stay encouraged. Everything that He shakes loose will be used to rebuild something new, different, and better.

Brenette Wilder of Lee’s Summit, Mo., (formerly of Altheimer, AR), is president of Kansas City Teen Summit. She blogs at

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