City attorney’s office slow to act

City attorney’s office slow to act

Editor, The Commercial:

I am presently dealing with some family funeral issues, but I had to stop long enough to deal with this city issue.

I had an old vehicle stolen on June 14, 2014. I reported it to the police and filled out a report with the detectives. The detective told me to file a report with the City Attorney’s office, which I promptly did.

On Oct. 23, 2014, I received a letter from the city Police Department wanting an update on the status, which reminded me to check with the City Attorney’s Office, since I’d never even gotten an acknowledgment of receipt of the filing of the report.

I went to the City Attorney’s office to inquire about the status of the case and everybody in there was looking at me like I was E.T. and I had just dropped in from outer space.

After the secretary finally found the file regarding the case and blew the dust off of it, this diminutive City Attorney’s Lady first started telling me about all the work they had.

I reemphasized the fact that I had not even received an acknowledgement of my filing. After thumbing through the file briefly, she started telling me of other information that they needed, which was fine and understandable.

But if the office had acknowledged the receipt of my initial filing, they could have informed me of any other info needed.

Now, after four months and having their attention jogged … they need more info. Four months later, people have moved, died, information archived, etc. We know justice is slow, but this is ridiculous.

It’s noticeable that the city if falling down, with bricks from the buildings laying in the streets, but city government has crumbled too! It’s just that no one will acknowledge it!!!

Adell Adams

Pine Bluff