Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

The Pine Bluff Commercial recently announced the deadline for accepting election-related letters. We have heard the half truths, the outright lies and the empty promises the candidates have no intentions of keeping.

With all the dirt and accusations being thrown from all sides, we have to be careful not to get hit.

Right now all I want is for November 4th to be over so we can have a short respite before the next round starts for 2016 races. It has turned into just one commercial ad after another.

Who to vote for? The evil lying one or the bigger lying one? They are all crooks in my eyes. There should be a law that they can only campaign for one month before the election.

The amount of money spent is ridiculous and it seems to all come down to who has the most money. Are we electing them or are they buying the position they want?

I have had several people ask me to run for alderwoman. NO, a very adamant no! I simply hate politics. Someone has to run the city, but it will never be me.

Mary Jo McCord

Pine Bluff