Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I am writing this letter in response to an article in The Pine Bluff Commercial, Sunday, October 19, 2014. It was in the "Special Election" edition concerning the political races for mayor and city council in Humphrey.

In that article, Al Esquibel, a city council member, stated there has been an ordinance passed about people leaving trash cans on the streets all week. Mr. Esquibel complained to me about a house two doors from his house leaving trash containers on the street all week.

I talked to the people and they stopped putting the containers out there except on trash day. There was no ordinance passed and Mr. Esquibel, being on the city council, should know what ordinances we do and do not pass.

He also referred to the state paving some streets. I learned of the state street aid program, contacted the state, and we were very fortunate to receive $244,000 to pave three of our main streets. Mr. Esquibel did nothing toward that project.

Ronnie Carr, a mayoral candidate, stated he was running for mayor to bring more citizens to Humphrey. Mr. Carr has been on the city council two years. He doesn’t have to run for mayor to implement plans to get new citizens.

All the council and myself would be open to suggestions to that issue. I have met with a group several times recently that their goal is to get new businesses within the city. Mr. Carr did not attend any of those meetings.

The Humphrey Fall Festival is the biggest community event we have. I have worked diligently to continue this event, as it brings our community together. Mr. Carr and the other present council members are not in favor of continuing this event once my administration is over.

Mayor Alice J. Black