Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Congressman Tom Cotton has been accused of not attending the 2014 Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival at a time when he was attending a meeting with the Koch brothers and their allies at a St. Regis property in California.

Both as the present congressman from the Fourth Congressional District, wherein sits Bradley County, and as an aspiring United States senator from this state, it is amazing that Congressman Cotton has not denied this accusation. Is it true that he chose to meet with the Koch brothers, rather than meeting with citizens of Bradley County?

If the accusation is truthful, the congressman’s decision not to attend that celebrated festival that is promoted by the Bradley County Chamber of Commerce would be a clear indication of his outside obligations, his priorities and his preferences.

Do the wishes of the Koch brothers come before the opportunities to spend time with business leaders, farmers, political leaders and other residents of that county?

As a reporter for the Pine Bluff Commercial a little over 41 years ago, I became introduced to the festival, and recall its being an opportunity for discussions about economic growth in the county, as well as affording an opportunity for the farmers to display their crops.

Sen. Mark Pryor took time to attend the event this year. Congressman Cotton was a no-show. Sen. Pryor demonstrated his concern for tomato crops in Arkansas. Congressman Cotton did not. Sometimes, ordinary actions have larger connotations.

Sen. Pryor states that "Arkansas Comes First." Congressman Cotton makes no such statement. What has Congressman Cotton promised the Koch brothers for them to spend such an obscene amount of money to buy a seat for him in the United States Senate? I hope Sen. Pryor wins.

Marion Humphrey

Little Rock